Member Resources

What are the Benefits?

Legislative Advocacy

Operating a staffing and recruiting firm in the Commonwealth can be fraught with costly legislative and regulatory compliance roadblocks to business growth. MSA, in conjunction with ASA and top lobbyists, has a successful history pressing for bills and regulations that protect the industry while monitoring potentially harmful activity.
GAIN A VOICE in shaping regulations and legislation that impact your business and be informed on critical issues that affect regulatory compliance and legal risk.

Industry Public Relations

While staffing contributes significantly to the Massachusetts economy, constant vigilance is required to maintain a positive reputation. MSA promotes the industry through strategic PR programs and networking.
BENEFIT from increased visibility and a strengthened public opinion of the staffing industry.

Best Shared Practices

MSA hosts regular collaborative member events to bring staffing professionals together to share best practices and build partnerships.
INCREASE YOUR TEAM’S EFFECTIVENESS by sharing ideas and implementing best practices from those with shared experiences.

World-Class Education and Skill Development

MSA provides outstanding staffing-specific training resources to build its members’ sales, recruiting and operations teams’ skills, increasing effectiveness and retention.
BETTER POSITION your staffing business for accelerated growth and drive greater profitability through improved sales, recruiting and operational practices.

Code of Ethics

MSA establishes standards of ethical conduct that signify to prospects that MSA member firms adhere to the highest standards in the staffing industry.
REACH MORE PROSPECTS through a demonstrated commitment to ethical business practices.

Strategic Industry Partners

Our strong relationships with staffing industry partners provide our members access to their expertise.
BENEFIT from our expert partners’ tools and resources.