Mc Walter Benefits Group

Mc Walter Benefits Group

We continue to have tremendous success with The Staffing Exchange purchasing coalition.  Our member’s per employee per year (PEPY) costs are almost $5,000 less than the national average!  We can duplicate your current internal population’s offering while also offering an MVP, Enhanced MEC, and/or MEC plan to your temporary employees.  By implementing our cost containment
strategies, TSE members gain a financial advantage over their competitors. The goal of The Staffing Exchange is to offer the same coverage you have today, however, change the way you purchase insurance and manage health care moving forward by:

1. Aggregating your purchasing power. This allows you to use the power of 10,000 lives vs. 50-500 hundred you have on board today, significantly reducing your fixed costs.

2. Implementing ongoing strategies that reduce claims and your annual spend.
a. Independent nurse case managers: Concierge-style case managers that work alongside your employees and their providers during treatment assisting them in achieving their best outcome.
b. Health Risk Management: 50-point biometric test to help detect early health care concerns before they turn into high cost claimants.
c. Steerage that rewards employees financially.

3. Taking control of pharmacy rebates and savings programs permitted by the manufacturers that most leave on the table. We apply these programs, worth tens of thousands of dollars, to our members and their employees through our pharmacy benefit manager (PBM).  The result is a 10-20% reduction in Rx spend on average.

4. Transparency. In The Staffing Exchange, you can now see where your dollars are being spent, which allows us to analyze trends and help a plan design that is beneficial to your employees but also your bottom line.

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6. Helping families and businesses protect their most important assets.

Most employers feel trapped by the rising cost of health insurance for their employees. Massachusetts Staffing Association, in partnership with McWalter Benefits Group, has a new member benefit that offers a solution for small to mid-size employers (5-50). Get a quote here